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Invariably bottoms are the ones that get teased and mocked the most in gay discourse, and tops glorified. I admittedly do not masturbate as much as I used to, and it takes me much longer to cum when I do not have something in me. Additionally, for ultimate pleasure, you may want to let him ride you and take turns. Click here to update your profile. This includes other substances, such as alcohol or marijuana. Drugs come with a plethora of risks all on their own. You will probably do drugs at some point in your life, or have staggeringly drunken nights, or both.

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Every time you have anal sex, you get micro-fissures.

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When you use a hose, relax your ass and let the water run out freely. Go slowly and use lots of lube. At its core, the anus is the external opening of the rectum. About MJ Booth 94 Articles.

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Also, take some of the excess lubricant with your finger and wet the outer and inner parts of your rectum.

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