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Importantly, Randy also kept it real. Our biannual newsletter contains prison news, celebrity gossip, prisoner writing and art and much more. A purpose, a distraction, a window, a mirror? We've been around for almost a decade and we're still going strong. A black guy or a Muslim or a woman? He looked so normal! Some travel hours every single weekend to see their boys.

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Ali Winters and Kirsti Melville.

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Prisoner pen pal journey in America's deep south

One lazy weekend I stumbled across a newspaper article about Australian lawyers working in New Orleans as advocates for prisoners on death row. I wanted to understand how life could be so disturbingly cheap in one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Not only would a prisoner have real shit to talk about, he promised to be a captive audience. Jailing children for life in the USA. But what amazes me the most is that when I was reading your letter it gave me a jolt which was good and rare by my standard. Then, that day in April, he said farewell forever to Lorne, to Dewars, to all those inside he had come to love, his family for the previous 12 years.

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He was viciously beaten by police and spent six months in juvenile detention. He was a real conservative, especially when it came to women, family and God. One day soon, after some 4, days jailed, a free-ish life would begin at a halfway house in Austin. He was teased mercilessly at school. Yes, unlike so many that claim to be "free," this site actually is just that. Well I used to be anyway.

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