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Retrieved July 1, In September4 people: Traveller Geoffrey Gorer reports the men-women are "a common sight" and that "they do their best to deserve the epithet by their mannerisms, their dress and their make-up; some even dress their hair like women. Recommended further reading about the history of homosexuality in Africa: Senegal, Bureau of Consular Affairs, U. I think, why me? Indeed, the author recognizes the danger he is courting by speaking so openly on this topic, even 10 years after the frenzy last hit fever pitch:

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A non-random survey of Senegalese made by the researcher revealed that

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FEATURE-'Fighting for survival', Senegal's gay community is on its own

Shunned by their families, many live in constant fear, moving house frequently and taking pains to blend in, he said. While incarcerated, the nine were held in special quarters because of threats from other inmates. Let me say once again in Senegal homosexuals lead freely Indeed, its attention to nuance is so careful that it sometimes borders on pedantic. Senegal refused to accept these recommendations, [27]: Nightlife, alcohol and sex during the last s were widely sent to the domain of taboos.

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I would ask you to understand the social realities of our country. In the past three years he has been robbed, attacked by a mob, stoned in the street, and arrested and detained after someone reported to the police that he was gay, he said. We must also take measures to protect the lives of homosexuals. InSenegalese President Macky Sall has said he will never legalize gay sex. From the promotional material: A connection between the Wolof gor-digen tradition and the international notion of "homosexuality" - a much wider definition often excluding the option of marrying someone of the opposite gender - was slowly being established.

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