Transgender television

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The seventeenth greatest fictional transgender character is Zahara. Media portrayals of bisexuality list Media portrayal of lesbianism. Related Video. Mia is a contract killer whose transgender identity is unknown to most. While one in four cisgender women and one in six cisgender men are the victim of sexual assault in their lifetime, over half of the trans population experiences sexual assault in their lifetime. Maybe we are still a long way off from realizing such a trans futurity, but at least trans television has taken positively vital steps in that direction.

transgender television
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This is a list of films and television shows with transgender people and transgender fictional characters.

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While the majority of them are comedies, some are serious and help to promote the acceptance of people who are at various stages of the transformation process. McCabe, Janet and Kim Akass, ed. In the course of the series, Mia immediately starts to flirt with Ben, who willingly accepts her advances until she decides to tell him about her trans identity.

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The actress who plays the part of Hayley is Julie Hesmondalgh.