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In that year, NBC 5 Chicago reported homosexual activity among Casa Jesus participants, and said that in three participants had been dismissed after visiting a gay bar. Don't have an account yet? NBC 5 Chicago reported in that Vilchez-Parra had ties to Casa Jesus, but did not say whether he had been a participant in the program. That is precisely what has NOT happened. Pope Francis says the crisis is rooted in a culture of clericalism, with priests and bishops so elevated in the church that their word and authority dominate over the experience of the people they serve. The number of priests and bishops having sex with minors was not the primary or central focus of the study. For conservatives, that has meant resistance to discussing the role the culture created by celibacy plays in the scandal, as well as the obedience conservatives show to episcopal authority.

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The problem of abusive priests and the bishops who cover up for them is systemic across the whole church.

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The Elephant Remains In The Sacristy

Vilchez-Parra was sentenced to four years in prison in What is unthinkable, what seems to be psychologically impossible to concede, is that there is an aspect of post-conciliar controversy in which the conservatives might have been right after all. There is no outbreak of heterosexual child molestation in the American church. The archdiocese said that Mercado had had an "inappropriate relationship with an adult man. When interviewed later about his letter on the Catholic television network EWTNMorlino was asked what he would say to those Catholics who read his comments as blaming homosexuality for the problems in the church. Some of the pope's adversaries in the church, such as Cardinal Raymond Burke, have another explanation: The employee reportedly contacted archdiocesan officials about the pornography more than a week later, and was surprised to learn that Hays had not yet reported the matter.

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Heard on All Things Considered. Don't have sex in public. We have to be clear about that," says James Martin, S. Institutional resistance is understandable, if surprising to me. The real problem facing the American Catholic church is that a great many boys have been seduced or forced into homosexual acts by certain priests; that these offenders appear to have been disproportionately represented in certain seminaries; and that their case histories open questions about sexuality that—verboten though they may have become—demand to be reexamined.

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