Physican specialists in transgender issues

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It can also improve knowledge about transgender-specific care, such as hormone therapy, gender-affirming surgical procedures, high prevalence of gender dysphoria, and other mental health diagnoses such as depression and anxiety. For example, one participant, a trans-man, described seeing a gynecologist for a possible reproductive cancer. Listen Listening An interdisciplinary approach to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender clinical competence, professional training, and ethical care: If we follow the lead of our young patients, we may yet change our traditional concepts of gender. Nico is a year-old transgender boy, which means he was labeled a girl at birth, but he identifies as a boy. The survey found that one-third of all transgender individuals who had seen a health care professional in the past year had been harassed or denied care, and one-quarter experienced a problem with insurance related to being transgender.

physican specialists in transgender issues
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Results An overwhelming finding of this study was a lack of physician knowledge, as reported both by trans people and by physicians, that resulted in a denial of trans-specific care and also impacted general care.

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Transgender women may be at higher risk for osteoporosis. A growing body of research continues to elucidate health inequities experienced by transgender individuals and further underscores the need for medical providers to be appropriately trained to deliver care to this population. Substance and tobacco use can often be the result of depression and anxiety associated with discrimination by the community. It felt very invasive.

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Only two such studies were found, both online surveys that asked medical students to subjectively report their own attitudes and knowledge about transgender health.

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