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The Superior Heterozygote Theory states the phenotypic actual expression of homosexuality is the result of homozygosity for recessive non-expressed but present genes [11]. However, the study went on to state that victims may self-identify as gay or bisexual before the abuse occurs, implying that their non-heterosexual orientation and identity is not caused by the abuse, and reported that no longitudinal study had determined a causal relationship between sexual abuse and sexual orientation. He fails to produce any scientific evidence. March 18, Gallup https: The same was true in the reverse when applied to the male subjects. In the Gallup Youth Survey, Gallup asked teens aged 13 to 17"In your view, is homosexuality due to outside factors such as upbringing and environment, or is homosexuality something a person is born with?

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I don't know about you but I was born a baby, not a lesbian.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Available http: Center for Inquiry. Comprehensive Psychiatry.

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Heterozygotes are only capable of being passed through to the next generation by mothers as the Y-chromosome is incapable of heterozygositythis again links homosexuality to X-linkage.

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