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That is totally understandable and not necessarily a sign of homophobia or failure to accept your child - it just means you need a bit of space and support. So, reassure them that you don't see yourself on any moral high ground above them. There are different versions of this, ranging from a 'nurture' emphasis perhaps the child allegedly had a difficult relationship with their father, or a 'dominating' mother or more of a 'nature' slant supposedly the child was exposed to abnormal hormonal levels in the womb. Your password has been changed. Website design by Creative Stream. Thankfully, my mouth was full of chicken, which gave me a few panicked seconds to conjure the kind of response that could possibly convey the feelings of overwhelming love, worry and protectiveness rushing over me.

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Being a parent is an exercise in expecting the unexpected.

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How should I respond if my child comes out to me?

They are still themselves. Even more recently, Will posted on Facebook that he now identifies as genderfluid. Any bully is going to have to contend with me. You might feel guilty or upset, but your child is not the person to process that with. I just wanted to be 'normal' Sean whatever normal means, anywaythe way I had always been. Gender in the classroom.

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We were afraid that our extended family might reject him. I also worried about our older daughter, Beth, who had to, once again, traverse the minefield of our family drama. This goes just the same for young people who are desperate to label themselves as 'straight' in order to fit in. I ultimately chose to walk away from the people who refused to accept Luke and that move, as hard as it was, brought me great peace. If God was the Almighty, He could do that right?

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