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He was appointed a constable of OrangeCo inwhile the affairs of transmontane Augusta were still being handled by the parent county; consequently, there is no way of telling for sure, when or where this constable was living at the time. In an OrangeCo county court record Orange was the parent of AugustaSamuel alleged that he himself paid for the transportation of his wife and two sons from Ireland to Philadelphia, and so to Virginia; thus Samuel came over independently of the other Gays, yet the yDNA of a probable descendant G in the Gay DNA project places him in the same broad lineage as John of Sadsbury. StauntonVA, Brother Robert of this family left no sons, and brother Samuel appears to have gone to the Carolinas, where his male line may, or may not, have died out. It has recently come to be recognized that the vast majority of early Virginia immigrants were indentured servants typically transportees via London but there are reasons, which I will discuss below, why Henry was not, probably, of this class.

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The surname GAY is English, and encompasses the spelling "Guy" as well as "Gay", since the former spelling better reflects the actual British, and colonial North American, pronunciation of the name.

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In fact she postponed her wedding repeatedly so she could finish. There is every reason to believe that this was the same John Gay who settled bybut probably several years before, on some acres of prime bottom land along the Big Calfpasture River down to the mouth of the Little Calfpasture. And there is solid evidence that these brothers also had a sister, or a half-sister, Eleanor, who married William Kinkhead of the Calfpasture. StauntonVA, The Surname Frequency Index SFI for was derived by dividing the number of people with the generic surname GAY including all the above listed spelling variants who were born during the 20 year period immediately preceding the census for each country, by the total in millions of population enunmerated in that census. The evidence for this rests largely on a hearsay opinion in a late 19th century letter, but there is some circumstantial evidence as well. There are known living descendants of this family of Gays.

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Many of the inhabitants of the town are committed, though, to rebuilding and restoration, and our best wishes must go out to them. Son John was a justice of newly created RockbridgeCo from the age of 21, and was later high sheriff of the county, yet he removed to the Indiana frontier when he was almost Most of the members of this family of GAYs, and their children, lived in the Calfpasture, and most engaged in cattle ranching for a generation or two, but all had moved on to greener pastures by I will have more to say about the American GAYs presently, but I would like to include a word here, in the context of the British surname maps, about where each group may have come from. According to Fischer, the southern colonies, and especially Virginia, were disproportionately settled from the southwest of England, which had quite a different subculture from that of the central and eastern portions of the home country—a subculture that was more rural, more conservative, and more hierarchical, all of which characteristics correspond to the plantation economy of the southern tidewater areas.

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