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TBL was now more acceptable to the general population. We upgraded our presses and added a stat camera and new computers. My biggest legislative priorities, including affordable housing, livable wages, and responsible development are all geared to creating a more equitable Pittsburgh and addressing the intersectional causes of inequality. All the growth was heading down valley and the city was faced with vacant storefronts and a decaying downtown. Gail Terrell is serious and well-meaning. His endeavors, in seeking legislation to address the environmental concerns of the Salton Sea, had found Congressional members on both sides of the aisle in agreement.

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In Governor Pete Wilson was going to review state Assembly Bill that would prohibit employment discrimination based on sexual orientation.

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Freedom of religion does not mean freedom to discriminate. This continued for over a decade with various named magazines that he'd publish. His tenure has been marked by several LGBTQ related municipal reforms, including the Domestic Partner Registry and a recent requirement for City contractors to offer domestic partner benefits to their employees.

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We covered Sonny's mayoral campaign and I would sit near the podium for photographic purposes and often Mary would sit with me and had some great talks.

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