Gay valentines cards

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So, let your love know that they're the one you wanna spend bedtime with, and you bloody well love it. Gender-neutral too, so can be given to women, men, or gender non-conforming partners! I don't mean to be reductive, but if you're a gay woman, chances are you've watched The L Word. Tired of having to live up to unrealistic gift-giving expectations surrounding Valentine's Day? Some love it, some hate it - but regardless, Valentine's Day can cause a pretty specific problem when you're queer: Look at this adorable fox! You can bi it here.

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Regardless of all gender identity and sexuality, one of the best things about having a significant other is sharing a bed and spooning and sleeping in together on weekends and keeping each other warm under the blankets in winter and

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14 awesomely gay Valentine’s Day cards

So you guys did great. So, if your honey is ace, this card will let you remind them that they're the only one you wanna spoon. You probably watched it together. Sure, it's bordering on Love Actually levels of cheesy, but what is Valentine's Day even for if not supreme cheesiness? Spooning is the best, really, and it's an activity sexual AND asexual couples partake in.

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You can find that one here. Honestly, it's a nightmare. You can bi it here. Perhaps your partner eschews all sexuality and gender labels and identifies simply as 'genderqueer'. Remind the cutie that labels be damned, you love them for them and always will. Or a partner who is transgender.

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