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Although, I know a esthetician who works in Baltimore and she does hundreds of waxings a week, but only gets maybe one guy every month or so. Mark Guys who wax or shave their entire bodies look creepy and yeah men are supposed to have body hair. Our waxing treatments - perfect for most skin types and for most parts of the body. Now, more than ever, men are turning to waxing for hair removal instead of shaving. It can aslo result in some embarrasing rashes and acne looking bumps due to a damaged folicle no matter how much I clean, this is hard to avoid.

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Waxing will definitely make a difference in your life — trust me on that.

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That is my personal opinion. How much or how little hair you want removed is completely up to you. I hate the shaved, plucked, waxed look. Using her trusted waxing technique, Irine can remove hair from your upper chest, or your lower stomach, or both your chest and stomach with minimal discomfort. These waxed, plucked and pampered guys are so vain they probably scream out their own name during sex.

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Get Queerty Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of brazilianwax metrosexuals newyorktimes stories and more. Did you know …? Perhaps you have seen depictions in movies or heard a buddy describe how painful body waxing can be. It just plain looks neater and cleaner. We have the treatments for you.

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