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Is that what you want to do? Guys are males, and guys like doing guy things, not feminine things, no wonder there's a man cave! Moreover, gay fathers generally have reported high levels of well-being and satisfaction with life Shenkman and Shmotkin, ; Erez and Shenkman, While there appears to be few overall differences between different-gender and same-gender couples, parental gender or even the interaction between parental gender and sexual orientation may influence parenting practices and family dynamics Crowl et al. Health 16, — My feeling on the subject that gay men are more feminine, or having gay feelings, and actions equate feminine traits is totally indifferent to the above article!

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The association between self-perceived role and meaning in life among gay and heterosexual fathers.

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Richard Isay, a psychoanalyst who specializes in work with gay men believes that gay males undergo a reverse-Oedipal complex whereby, as young boys, they become subconsciously sexually attracted to their fathers rather than their mothers. I will assume these stories are true, and with that assumption made, they indeed are tragic situations. Parenting has been traditionally associated with femininity, and society in general considers women to be more nurturing and better suited for parenting than men Anderssen et al. Reviewed by:

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Comparative studies were necessary to demonstrate that children raised by lesbian and gay parents are not negatively affected in their psychosocial development by their parents' sexual orientation, and that lesbian and gay men are as capable as heterosexuals in parenting and childrearing Crowl et al.

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