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Read our guidance on Home Office correspondence to find out more about how to use Home Office records in your research. Patrick's Day and Evacuation Daywhich marks the departure of British troops from the city inon or about March It is logical to assume there will be similar records relating to gender identity; although we have not found any at the time of writing this guide. Kurtzman Marsh v. Georgia Erznoznik v. Rhode Island Sorrell v.

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South Carolina Cox v.

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They said their members were Irish descendants who happen to be gay, lesbian, and bisexual, and who are proud of both their sexual orientation and their Irish ancestral nationality. Guarnieri Heffernan v. While the Council had prohibited certain groups such as the Ku Klux Klan from joining the parade, the trial court believed that these were not significant or germane to the facts presented. Livestock Marketing Association Davenport v. Comm'n Zauderer v. Goguen Texas v.

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What can I see online? Cohn Florida Star v. S6 E84 Contents: Rebecca Jennings, Lesbian history of Britain: Minersville School District v. Massachusetts Redrup v. Maryland Edwards v.

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