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Trailblazers Some students may wish that professors Atkins, Dunn and Kushnir would slow down occasionally and spend more time in certain areas. Xplorit Virtual Tour. Pretty much everything you could want in a show. I cried. The result is a hilarious and moving homage to the people who came before us and the events that continue to shape our lives.

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Our archives here at Isabella contain many of these titles and others that can trace a history of queer lives globally, and we are lucky to be able to access this information that was once shrouded in shame and secrecy. This concept lies at the heart of The Gay History Project, and it is also what differentiates it from other examinations of gay history. Thank you for your patience.

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In one of the funniest bits in the show, Dorothy and her companions from The Wizard of Oz visit the Emerald City in search of their gay heritage and are distressed to find that the man behind the curtain is Michel Foucault, the postmodern French philosopher who positioned gayness as a recent cultural artifact.