Gay and lesbians in sociology

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If they do not want to enter a co-parenting project with a person of the other sex, lesbian couples have turned to going abroad, to a country that offers them artificial insemination with a donor, and gay couples have looked for gestational surrogates in states that have not banned this practice. Lloyd, A. This legal reform sparked considerable debate in Quebecois academic circles, resonating in francophone Europe. Such arguments are central to a number of theoretical accounts of lesbian and gay life and politics that, similar to Giddens, have an argument about reflexivity at their core. Being a homosexual is not an obstacle to being an acceptable parent. It found no difference between children as regards emotional problems or behavior as perceived by teachers and parents. First, I consider recent conceptions of lesbian and gay reflexivity, where reflexivity is associated with self-consciousness, self-determination and empowered agency in everyday living.

gay and lesbians in sociology
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This issue thus focuses on the analysis of public and media discourse on the legal changes relevant to the different ways in which one enters parenthood, research on the experience of same-sex families in their relationship to the institutions, as well as on how the issues facing gay, lesbian and trans parents relate to the broader questions raised by current phenomena such as multiple parenthood, the desire of certain children born from egg or sperm donation to have access to information on their biological origin, and gender dynamics in the family.

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There is often a prescriptive and normative quality to theory and research that is unacknowledged. Thus, these families made visible the misalignment between the diversity of forms of family and the way in which the law continued to attribute filiation on the assumption that it was biological, in a perspective where heterosexuality was presumed Kelly, Joyal, R.

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Consequently, cohabiting same-sex couples have a higher rate of breakup than married heterosexual couples Peplau and Fingerhut,

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