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In most male-female dyads, scripts about gay male sexuality were unusually vague, as friends were often reluctant to explore details about these experiences or any risk behavior that may have occurred. We used theories of sexual scripts, emerging adulthood, and stigma to guide our study, which highlighted the complexities of sexual communication during this phase of life and within a society where gay male sexuality is often marginalized. The same seems to be holding true in graduate school. Still, the greater comfort that the young men felt in talking with other gay men about same-sex sexual activities underscores the particular value of social support from other gay males. This is my biggest issue with the Wikipedia entry, and with the history of the word. Gay male friends sometimes spoke about unprotected sex in judgmental ways e. They were frozen in time.

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In addition, stigma may obstruct communication on multiple levels.

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The Mpowerment Project: However, these findings do not encompass the experiences of all young gay men, as local and individual differences are also present, and some do not attend these types of venues. Step one is to assess the scope of the problem.

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Ways of avoiding the topic could range from obscuring certain explicit details to eliminating discussion of sex between men from conversations altogether.

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