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It seems that Pete Springer Willard Robertson was not her birth father after all. Politics N. Certainly Bow and Laughton are fascinating characters—but you're not going to find out much about them rin these books. Clara Bow died of a heart attack on September 27, Laughton really deserves a good book, and his widow, Elsa Lanchester, herself a fine character actress, apparently offered the author complete cooperation and access to letters. Reduced to poverty, she moves into a boardinghouse with her infant, and struggles to pay for the baby's basic needs.

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Clara's character inability to become a well-behaved and well-mannered individual by society's standards was blamed on the brief love affair Clara's mother had with an American Indian man whom is her biological father.

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Retrieved from " https: The assertion is made that this explains why she had always been "untameable and wild. She was as committed to having a good time as many of her hedonistic movie characters and you can only carry on that way for so long.

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After having an adorable baby, the poor woman is forced to walk the streets to earn enough money to put food in his mouth.

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