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Though this was a national sample, participants were recruited through online forums and community groups. The vital mission of LHI will continue with frequent education programs on diverse lesbian and women's health issues and a focus on targeted outreach to lesbian and transgender women with low resources who are out of the healthcare system. Conclusion Despite these limitations, the current study modeled potential links between outness and wellness behaviors in sexual minority women, with mediating roles of social support and mental health. This will allow researchers and policy makers to accurately characterize LGBT health and disparities. Women's Health USA Measuring dimensions of lesbian and gay male experience.

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Stipulation and exploration of a mode.

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Although research has generally examined the constructs of outness, social support, mental health, and wellness behaviors in sexual minority women, no research to date has linked these separate constructs into a theoretical chain. Comparisons across sexual identity groups in a national sample of young Australian women. A population-based study of sexual orientation identity and gender differences in adult health. Scientific Software International,pp — These findings suggest a multiple mediation effect. Demographics of Study Sample.

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National Center for Health Statistics; [cited Apr 12]. Educational and Community-Based Programs. Mediators of the relationship between internalized oppressions and lesbian and bisexual women's psychological distress. According to a recent Fenway Institute report, one of the contributing factors to increased breast and cervical cancer risk is they are 4 to 10 times less likely than their heterosexual counterparts to have a pap test, the typical point of entry to breast and cervical cancer detection. The OI 46 is an item scale that assesses the degree to which sexual minorities disclose their sexual orientation to others across three dimensions: Instead, the focus was on direct and indirect effects.

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